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Hello I'm Brenna Cromley,
a Website & Product Designer.

Top Web Developer in Lincoln

Hi, I'm Brenna

I am a User Interface & Experience Designer currently working at Merck & Co. to design new solutions for better animal health.

I've worked with a wide range of brands like Merck & Co., Quantified Ag, Hallmark Business Solutions, Iowa Clinic, and Nordic Ware.

I grew up in Lincoln, NE, have my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Business with over 9 years of experience as lead designer and 6 years as a UX/UI Designer.

I've learned, good design is human-centered and great design is user refined.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email.


George Lee - CEO Snap Agency

Brenna has the unique ability to identify unique value propositions and create visual stories and calls to action. Her designs have won several international design awards.

Tim Brown - Hook Agency CEO

Brenna works hard and makes me realize how much fun it is to be in Digital Marketing. She enjoys what she does and creates strong visual designs for clients efficiently. I’ve had a great time working with her at Snap agency, and know that she gets better at what she does every day at creating websites for traffic and conversion. I’m excited to create more amazing websites with her.

Joshua Kennedy - VP Snap Agency

Brenna consistently brings projects to the next level of polish and production-ready value. Brenna combines moxie with decisive decision making. I look for Brenna to succeed in whatever venture she chooses too. (Which will be many)