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Case Study

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The Challenge

The challenge with the MINNE Apparel project was how to accurately depict MINNE Apparels brand perception to their target audience. This project was a lot of fun because I got to focus in on how to best represent the MINNE Apparel brand. They didn’t have anything to go off of, they just wanted a great way to show off their fashion line.

The Solution

I started by doing a lot of research about the fashion industry and what new trends were being implemented. I knew the site was going to revolve around a gallery, therefore, I needed to make the site very visual. Luckily, the client had a lot of imagery that I could use throughout the site. From there I used proper hierarchy in user flow with the way MINNE wanted their users to behave on their website. Lastly, I communicated with the developer to allow for easy content entry in the backend.

Responsive Design

Custom Built

Increased Brand Perception