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Case Study

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The Challenge

Rick Berres the owner of Honey-Doers had beautiful custom remodeling work but didn’t have the website to support showing it off and gaining leads. Rick came to me to solve that exact issue, the challenge was to show off his craftsmanship but to also form the conversion funnel around sales leads for more business.

The Solution

I worked alongside his marketing manager Spenser to develop a strategic plan that fit Honey-Doers business plan and applied simple modern design techniques to freshen up the overall look of Rick’s brand. The solve the portfolio issue the solution was simple, we needed higher quality photo content to populate the site. With high-quality photos taken, we could play around with a more modern layout that used 100% of the width of the page. High-quality visuals meant that his users could easily see the quality Rick brought to the table. When users see quality visuals and elements on a website it translates to the quality the brand can provide. This redesign gave Rick’s brand perception a face-lift and shows off his skillset well.


The main goal was to get more people to either sign-up for an estimate or contact Honey-Doers directly for questions and/or business. When solving this problem I thought about contrast while also retaining the calm modern design we wanted to establish. To do this I gave the main call-to-action a higher contrasting color while also working within the constraints of the design. In this design, no matter where the consumer is in their conversion process they always have the ability to convert directly with each layout.

Responsive Design

Custom Built

Increased Brand Perception