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Case Study

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The Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was the architecture of the site. The reason why it was so difficult was because we needed to appeal to two different target audiences. I had to design this website to inform the parent of the benefits and constantly engage their young hockey player. This site has one main goal in mind, to educated young hockey players on the mental aspects of the game of hockey. This trains players to become mentally sharp on the ice while also growing into their physical abilities in practice.

The Solution

The way I solved this challenge was to separate each target audience to their own section of the website. Initially when the parent is learning about the service and how it works, used a specific interface design to appeal to educating them on what Hockey IQ Academy can provide their child. After they sign up and enter the admin side of the website their child can actually start a weekly lesson with the ability to ask their instructor questions and earn achievement badges for their hard work.

Responsive Design

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