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Case Study

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The Challenge

eCig Market was very challenging because they didn’t have any high-quality photography, and at the time you couldn’t buy anything online. The challenge really came in when I didn’t have any content to work with from the client. That is one of the biggest reoccurring issues I have come across in multiple web design projects. The architecture of the site was a challenge as well because it needed a complete overhaul on hierarchy, main navigation, and intuitive user flow.

The Solution

The solution to content really fell on the client’s shoulders to be extremely responsive and provide all content that was asked of him. Thankfully, that was an understood requirement from the very beginning and the client felt very comfortable doing that so receiving¬†content wasn’t as big of an issue as it typically can be. When looking at the structure of user flow, I scrapped it and started from scratch. This required me to communicate with the client and learn what his main purpose of the site was and what his business goals were to gain an accurate understanding of hierarchy on his site. His main goal was to start selling products online everything else was secondary to that.

Responsive Design

E-commerce Design

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Increased Brand Perception